For subcontractors

Pallér Csarnok Kft is a dynamically developing firm. We think one key of our growth is a team of reliable and professionally excellent subcontractorsone can rely on and which carries our fame.

If your company has the right team of professionals and you have free capacity, we would be glad to hear from you in hope of future fruitful collaboration.

In this case, please write an e-mail to with the following data so that we may contact you:

  • Company name
  • Contact Person
  • Phone
  • Areas of Activity
  • Main references
  • Description

We contact you soon!

Széchenyi terv
Széchenyi terv

For the most cost effective investment and operation.

With actual alternative solutions and better building physical properties, our professional team will save you money!

We accept financial responsibility for the quality!

We vouch for our building above and beyond the guarantee required by law.

Pallér Csarnok Építő Ltd.
Széchenyi terv
Széchenyi terv
Széchenyi terv