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Pallér Csarnok Ltd. was established in 2006 with the specific profile of building halls. When establishing the company owned solely by Hungarian owners, specialization came into focus. The aim was to enter a niche market in which the company could play a decisive role due to its professionalism.

About us in a nutshell – in light ott he facts

  • We have been present as a leading player for more than one decade in Hungary and five years in the German construction market.
  • One of our main values is the strength of human and engineering expertise. 70 engineers and 70 skilled workers contribute to our success.
  • We thoroughly fulfill all of our guaranteed terms and nothing can prove this better than that not a single one of our clients has put in a claim against the bank guarantee we provide.
  • Our firm beside dynamic development, was able to increase his income from sales in the past years continuously. Into 2010 it stepped over it 1 milliárd forint border, 5 billionaires locked the processes of inside with income from sales confirming the 2014 year already almost then. Nearly 9 billionaires locked the 2017 year with income from sales duly for his stable function and his determining market presence.


  • Production-and manufactoring hall and logistic warehouse design and general construction – turnkey ready hall construction.
  • Design – the square meter cost of constructing your hall is already determined at the permit design planning stage. This price is greatly defined by how cost-effective the designer was and how often easy and safe feasible solutions and junction points were used.
  • Decision support study plan and price quote preparation – wich includes in its framework among other things, decision making concept plans and investment cost calculations.


  • Our company has specialized exclusively in production-and manufactoring hall and logistic warehouse design and general construction above 2000 m².
  • Thanks to our specialization, we can offer our clients a secure backgorund from both an economical and technical point of view, wich allows them to minimize the risks associated with undertaking a project.
  • With the help of our own design office, we have designed close to 100 industrial and logistics halls over the years. Relying on this knowledge gained through experience, we utulize and continuously search for those actual, alternative technical solutions with wich we can complete the construction and the long-term operation in the most cost effecient way.
  • This specialization can be seen after the design works in the construction work engineer colleagues and in the daily routine work of our skilled workers. Our team thinks and works according to this established system approach and in this way, can ensure a smooth work flow and a professional execution.
Széchenyi terv
Széchenyi terv

For the most cost effective investment and operation.

With actual alternative solutions and better building physical properties, our professional team will save you money!

We accept financial responsibility for the quality!

We vouch for our building above and beyond the guarantee required by law.

Pallér Csarnok Építő Ltd.
Széchenyi terv
Széchenyi terv
Széchenyi terv