Vadász Róbert Pallér Csarnok Kft.

Róbert Vadász

Koleszár Gergely Pallér Csarnok Kft.

Gergely Koleszár

I believe what character is for a man is the philosophy for a firm. Both character and philosophy are determined by basic principles.

Allow me to present the basic principles, which arise from the character of my partner, who is my best friend, and myself. As owners, we built the Pallér Csarnok Kft on basis of these principles.

  1. We believe that in the market only good quality building provides for staying alive, therefore: 
    • we never give a price which endangers quality
    • We value our suppliers who do a excellent job, since good quality may only be built, manufactured, cooked from good quality ingredients. 
  2. We believe in the force of words uttered and written, we keep our word, you are free to call us to account.
  3. We believe that the success of our firm is guaranteed by the satisfaction of our clients. This thought is proven by the fact that in 2011 67% of our jobs came in via recommendations of our old investors or their new projects.
  4. We believe that a firm can only be successful by expertise, and diligent and honest work. This is why we are so proud of our carefully selected professional team of blue-collar workers and engineers.

Last, but not least, we believe that long-term results may only be achieved if we work day by day for the success of our clients, with an eye on our principles and philosophy,

in your service
Róbert Vadász
Gergely Koleszár

in the name of Pallér Csarnok’s team

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For the most cost effective investment and operation.

With actual alternative solutions and better building physical properties, our professional team will save you money!

We accept financial responsibility for the quality!

We vouch for our building above and beyond the guarantee required by law.

Pallér Csarnok Építő Ltd.
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