As the objective of obtaining a certification for the ISO 9001 standard, we set out to have our company evaluated according to an international set of criteria that certifies the level of preparedness of businesses based on identical global standards.

Since its introduction in 1994, the ISO 9001 standards have seen multiple changes and improvements, but their ultimate goal has always been and still is

  • to ensure that the compliance of the product/service can be demonstrated to customers as much as possible,
  • to ensure that the primary objective of daily work, in all positions and at all organisational levels, is ‘quality’ performance.

The ISO 9001 standards provide assistance in establishing such methods and approaches with the application of and references to various quality-related techniques, e.g. risk management, FMEA, while also ensuring a reliable foundation for the establishment and application of additional system standards, related to areas such as environmental protection, occupational safety, IT security, energy, ethics, etc.

The ISO 9001 system certification received in 2017, as well as the successful reviews carried out since then on a yearly basis, certify our ongoing compliance with standard criteria in the following areas:

  • quality-oriented work within the organisation
  • role assumption and involvement by management
  • controlling processes and activities related to the organisation’s operation, risk management
  • management of human and material resources
  • documents management
  • management of buyer and supplier relations
  • controlling and handling value-creating processes
  • management of buyer feedback
  • management of internal processes and elimination of underlying problems
  • continuous development of the organisation and processes

The ISO 9001 review was carried out by the Hungarian subsidiary of URS Holding, an internationally-renowned company with successful operations in several countries across the world, which also holds an UKAS registration.

ISO 9001-es szabvány szerinti tanúsítvány

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Széchenyi terv

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