History of the firm

Pallér Csarnok Ltd. was established in 2006 with the specific profile of building halls. When establishing the company owned solely by Hungarian owners, specialization came into focus. The aim was to enter a niche market in which the company could play a decisive role due to its professionalism.

Specialization provided the opportunity to develop complex alternative technical solutions and a hall system. This and our business policy focusing on unbroken development resulted in the continuous dynamic growth of Pallér Csarnok Ltd. Our company started off with only four colleagues, and by now we provide a living for 80 people directly and for about 150 indirectly. Over the past years we participated in more than 160 investment projects and built 50 halls for different purposes.

We completed our first construction works and gained our first references in 2007. Despite the crisis in 2009, our company continued to develop, moved to a new office with 30 colleagues and reached a turnover of 1.5 million Euros. By 2010, Pallér Csarnok Ltd. crossed the threshold of 3.2 million Euros, and after strengthening its internal processes, reached a turnover of nearly 16 million Euros in 2014.


We operate with a complete, in-house designer department in which designer and static teams ensure that our designing and construction processes proceed smoothly and with the highest professional accuracy. Our colleagues are building engineers and building electrical engineers with several years of professional experience. They ensure the realization of a particular building of a specific class to be in accordance with architecture starting from its design.

Our construction department uses and utilizes the global professional experience of the last several hundred years day by day. The key value and strength of Pallér Csarnok Ltd is our human, engineering mentality and flexible attitude. Our colleagues work in that spirit day by day, therefore they professionally solve any construction challenges faced.

Pallér Csarnok Ltd. owns a press brake plant in Polgár, Hungary. We have put into operation our factory as a natural result of the type and quality of our services, by which we provide the construction projects with the different, indispensable steel parts faster and in a more cost efficient manner. Furthermore, our company employs fitter teams with relevant experience.

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For the most cost effective investment and operation.

With actual alternative solutions and better building physical properties, our professional team will save you money!

We accept financial responsibility for the quality!

We vouch for our building above and beyond the guarantee required by law.

Pallér Csarnok Építő Ltd.
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